Preventing Summer Sports Injuries

Prevent summer sports injuries

Summer is a great time to participate in outdoor sports and other activities. With the warmer weather, you may feel inspired to become more active. You can even and start a new workout routine. With any activity or new routine, however, there is always the risk of obtaining an injury. In many cases, avoiding the injury is possible, as it can relate to the misuse of safety equipment or being overzealous in the participation of activities. Keep reading to find out more about summer sports injuries and how you can prevent them. 


Ankle sprains can happen at any time and from doing any sort of activity. One wrong step can put you in a lot of pain. Often, ankle sprains can result from taking part in activities such as volleyball, basketball, running, jogging, or even walking. Being on any uneven surface poses the risk of rolling your ankle. Wrist sprains are less common in the summer, but they do happen. Using your hands to catch your fall is a perfect example of all it takes to sprain your wrist. If you experience a sprain, the best way to heal it is to rest the injured area and use the RICE method. The rice method entails resting the injured area, then icing it, wrapping it to add compression, and finally elevating it. If you can remember RICE - rest, ice, compress and elevate – more than likely you’ll be good to go in a few weeks. However, if you are still experiencing pain or it is difficult to walk after a week, seek medical attention. 

Bicycle Injuries

Riding a bike has been a favorite summertime activity of many for years. Those who haven’t ridden in a long time or are new to the activity can expect to feel some knee pain afterward. Regardless of how much experience one might have riding a bike, there is always the possibility of falling and getting injured. Broken bones are common bicycle injuries because of the speed at which you travel while biking. Head injuries can also occur if a helmet is not worn. Various other injuries like muscle soreness can also crop up if you ride on rough terrain or for long periods. The best way to prevent injuries on bicycle rides is to slowly condition yourself. This means easing yourself into rides rather than suddenly starting to ride for long distances. One last piece of advice for avoiding bicycle injuries – wear a helmet! One study found that helmet use while riding a bike reduced the odds of head injury by 50 percent!

Swimming Injuries

Swimming is a classic summer activity, but don’t underestimate the pain it can cause. Swimming can cause shoulder and neck issues, irritation and inflammation in the shoulder, rotator cuff tendonitis or tears, shoulder impingement syndrome, neck and lower back pain, and bicep tendonitis. Knee injuries are also common. So clearly all of these injuries can be caused by overtraining, not resting enough, poor flexibility, poor breathing technique, and poor core strength. Learning proper techniques and incorporating rest periods into your swimming routine will help reduce your risk of injury. 

Golf Injuries

Have you been hitting the links? Golf is another fantastic – and relaxing – summer sport. There are normally two reasons why you might get an injury from playing golf. First, you’re an avid golfer. If you’re golfing a lot you are constantly using the same muscle groups, and those motions might cause problems. Secondly, you haven’t golfed enough. If you don’t golf often or are just starting to get into the sport, you probably haven’t used these muscles in a long time – if ever! Back, elbow, rotator cuff, and wrist pain could be some of what you’re experiencing. Make sure to stretch before and after playing. Here are some basic stretches to start with. 

Overuse Injuries

Many people can experience overuse injuries. It's common in those who are starting a new exercise regimen but can also happen to seasoned athletes. Regardless of where you are with your fitness level, an overuse injury can put you on the sidelines. To prevent an injury of this nature, it is crucial to prepare your body before your chosen activity. Developing a workout program for yourself will help you train the right way and will go a long way in preventing injury. 

Physical activity in the summer does not have to result in pain and misery. Being prudent and taking preventative steps will help you obtain the results you want. If you do experience an injury and need chiropractic care or simply want to add chiropractic care as a preventative measure, make an appointment with Apps Chiropractic today.