The Importance of a Good Backpack

The Importance of a Good Backpack

We all use backpacks to carry our stuff around. No matter what age we are, backpacks are our go-to way to travel around and keep all our stuff together. Going hiking, to the gym, to the airport, or school are all daily ways that backpacks are incorporated into our daily lives, without us even thinking about it.

You might be surprised to know how important it is to have a good backpack. And by "good" backpacks, we mean high-quality ones with back support and thick lining. Flimsy, cheap backpacks with no support and no padding can have a very negative impact on our backs over time. This is especially true for children who use backpacks every day during the school year. Here are a few reasons why everyone should have a good backpack!


1. Posture

Did you know that using a flimsy backpack can affect our posture over time? This is especially true for young children who aren't done growing yet. Kids in middle school and high school still have years of growing left to do and using a bad backpack day in and day out can change their posture over time. As a result, these kids might not naturally stand up straight and might need physical therapy in the long run. Your kids can avoid this by using a good backpack right from the beginning!


2. Back pain

Not only will a bad backpack affect posture, but it will affect your back as well. This is true whether you're a kid in school or an adult going on a hiking trip. Having a lot of weight in a cheap backpack can put a serious strain on your back and can lead to problems later in life. Also, you will probably experience some pretty bad back pain as a result. To avoid this, you should invest in a good backpack. The investment is worth it.


3. Neck pain

Using a bad backpack will also affect your neck over time. Pressure from the backpack straps will weigh on your neck and will cause strain. This will cause neck pain and may even cause some severe neck implications. It's better to have a good backpack so you can avoid all of this pain completely.


So, what kind of support should you look for in a backpack?

You should look for backpacks that have wide, thick straps and thick lining. The backpack shouldn't be made of flimsy material, like polyester. It should be made of canvas or nylon material. This will ensure that your stuff won't drop to the bottom of your backpack, causing back strain.

You can also look for backpacks that have built-in wheels and long handles. That way, you have the option to wheel it behind you instead of always carrying it on your back. This will take the weight off your back and neck, while you are still using the backpack.


How to properly wear a backpack

You might already have a good backpack, but you just don't know how to properly wear it. To adjust the backpack to your height and shoulders, you can play around with the straps in the back. Adjust them to see what feels comfortable to you. For most people, a backpack feels comfortable when it sits in the middle of your back - not too high, and not too low. The lower it is, the more pressure it will put on your back and spine.


Where to find good backpacks

Most sport supply stores have high-quality backpacks that are built to last. Look at Sports Authority, Dick's Sporting Goods, and also L.L. Bean for some of the best backpacks. You can also check out Sears, Target, and Modell's Sporting Goods. These stores have good backpacks, but feel free to check out other local sporting goods stores. Look for backpacks made of canvas and nylon, with thick, wide straps. Also, make sure the backpack you buy is big enough for the items you will be carrying around.

If you are a student, don't forget about using your locker at school. You don't need to carry all of your books at once, because that can put a lot of strain on your neck and back. Only carry what you need and leave the rest in your locker for later. It's easy to forget about the convenience of lockers when you're rushing around from class to class! Once you get in the habit of using your locker, you'll never go back to carrying a ton of books at once.


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