Don't Let Back Pain Ruin Date Night

Date night – that important time we set aside for fun activities and connection with our loved one. When you’re in pain, though, romance is probably the last thing on your mind. Pain not only affects your body but also your mood and the way you interact with your significant other.

Emotional Effects of Back Pain

The emotional effects of back pain can be just as debilitating as the pain itself. Pain activates the survival responses in your body – a stress response. This stress can raise your blood pressure, increase your heart rate, and cause additional muscle tension. Chronic pain prolongs these responses including some chemical changes in your brain, leading to real psychological changes. Over time, these can lead to fatigue, sleep problems, and changes in appetite. Depression is very common among people experiencing chronic pain. The mind and body work together, so these thoughts and feelings can end up making your back pain worse, creating a vicious circle.

Back pain and its accompanying emotional effects can limit your everyday activities resulting in feeling isolated from your friends and family. A study that asked chronic pain patients about the importance of social consequences of their pain ranked relationships with family and sex life in the top 5 issues they faced. See study  Half of the pain patients in another study reported missing social events due to their pain.  See study  With 80% of people reporting that they have experienced back pain in their life, that adds up to a lot of missed date nights.
The good news is that you can save date night by preventing and treating chronic back pain.


The muscles and ligaments in the lower spine can become stretched and strained, making it susceptible to injury. Repetitive stress can cause microscopic tears to develop into larger injuries over time. You can prevent lower back injuries by maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle and practicing good spinal health activities such as these:

  • Improving posture
  • Including core strength and exercise in your routine
  • Using proper form when lifting heavy objects
  • Getting the right amount of sleep
  • Stretching

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Chiropractic therapy has been proven effective in treating back pain.  In fact, chiropractic therapy has a higher success rate in treating back pain than most other conventional treatments. The philosophy of chiropractic medicine favors using natural methods of health care, avoiding surgery and drugs whenever possible. Chiropractic therapy is safe and has few side effects.

Chiropractic care is non-invasive. Chiropractors don’t actually “crack your back.” They use their hands to manipulate the joints in the spine. Spinal manipulations can be gentle enough for the elderly or even babies. 
It is an effective treatment for back pain, relieving discomfort and, in many cases, restoring mobility. Any treatment has potential side effects. Patients might experience mildly sore muscles or minor aches, but these typically resolve within 24 hours. Surgery carries far greater risk, and the opioid crisis speaks to the risks inherent in pain medications.

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If you’ve missed too many date nights due to back pain, why not give chiropractic a try? Schedule an appointment and consultation with Apps Chiropractic today.  We can help reduce your back pain and potentially save date night!