Combating the Chilling Effects of Weather on Muscles and Joints

We have probably all known someone who declared that his or her aches or pains could predict the weather. These claims are usually dismissed as imagination or folklore. However, research has revealed that there is a scientific correlation between changes in weather and bone and joint pain. How does weather affect pain? How can the right chiropractic care help to meet these variations with confidence?


How Changing Weather Affects Bone and Joint Pain

While the damp and cold conditions of winter may play a role in suffering due to the weather, the main problem is a change in barometric pressure. What is barometric pressure, and how does it affect the body? Barometric pressure is defined as the amount of atmospheric pressure at any given point. A rise or fall of barometric pressure signifies a change in weather conditions. As clouds accumulate and humid or wet weather approaches the barometric pressure drops. Less air pressure allows tissues to expand, putting increased pressure on the joints. Scar tissue can have a similar reaction as it, too, will expand as the pressure falls. 


Disorders that result in inflammation, such as arthritis or fibromyalgia, exaggerate the effects of barometric pressure. Inflammatory conditions affect everything within the joint, including surrounding ligaments and even the joint lining, called the synovium. All of these areas are rich with nerve endings. These nerves send pain signals along with sensations of stiffness and tightness due to fluids thickening within the joints. Worn away cartilage may expose nerve endings that are raw and sensitive to direct contact. This experience of swelling and discomfort can leave the bravest individuals dreading even slight changes in weather conditions.


Another worthwhile explanation for weather-related pain is that of the distribution of blood during the cold or damp seasons. The body conserves itself in challenging times by allowing the blood to flow mainly toward the major organs at the center of the body, such as the heart and lungs. This causes the vessels within the extremities and head to constrict and send pain signals. This theory would explain chilled and tingling hands and feet during the height of winter. Combat this conservation of blood with gloves, hats, scarves and heat packs. 


While barometric pressure or blood flow can be significantly linked to increased bone and joint pain, more obvious reasons should still be considered. By nature, low temperatures do cause fluids within joints to grow thicker. This drop will also cause joints to feel stiffer and more painful.


Knowledge is power, but with a mix of responses, we would recommend a concentration on the main themes of the article: proper health care, warm clothing, and heating pads, packets or blankets. Just be sure to keep moving.


Low Activity During Changing Weather is a Major Factor

What happens when the weather grows colder or stormier? The shoes are kicked off, the television turns on, and snacks come out. Inactivity starts a vicious cycle of stiffness and pain that causes people to avoid activity and become even more sedentary. Lack of proper movement and exercise carries a host of problems, from joint and bone discomfort to conditions such as diabetes and arthritis. At-risk individuals should plan for times of less-than-ideal weather situations. Indoor exercise routines (such as aerobics or dancing) should already be developed during fairer months so that they are second nature when weather conditions force everyone indoors. Store exercise clothing and equipment in an easily accessible area of the home to help eliminate excuses. Be sure to keep vulnerable areas covered and warm. Follow up exercise routines with warm baths or compresses. 


Chiropractor Care is Beneficial during Seasonal Changes

No one should have the excitement of a wintry wonderland or the anticipation of cozy, stormy days dampened due to joint or bone pain. Symptoms can be alleviated through a variety of treatments, ranging from creams and medicines to spinal and joint manipulations. You deserve professional care that can provide a perfect combination of medical services and life coaching. The finest chiropractic care provides both immediate relief and training in long-term lifestyle changes designed for optimum health.


It turns out that many of the wives’ tales were true: joint and bone pain truly can predict the weather. However, no one must be a victim of changing weather patterns. We at Apps Chiropractic stand ready to partner with you to provide the latest in effective chiropractic techniques. A wide range of treatments is available, including physical therapy and naturopathic medicine. We compassionately provide holistic care that stretches beyond the manipulation of the spine to therapeutic exercises and life management skills.


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