All Expecting Mothers Need To Know About Chiropractic Therapy and Pregnancy

All Expecting Mothers Need To Know About Chiropractic Therapy and Pregnancy

Many expectant mothers find tremendous relief from chiropractic therapy, but naturally, the foremost question on a mother’s mind is, “Can chiropractic therapy during pregnancy be done safely?” It absolutely can. All chiropractors receive specialized training on how to make spinal adjustments for pregnant women. In fact, chiropractors consider the care of pregnant women as routine, but some chiropractors specialize in pediatric chiropractic care, which includes both prenatal and postnatal care.

Having health maintenance of your spinal column, discs, and related nerves bring many women relief from the lower back pain so commonly experienced during pregnancy. Pain relief occurs when the chiropractor adjusts the misaligned spine joints, which in turn reduces strain on the attached muscles and tension on the spinal nerves.


Why Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy Is Important

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through many profound physiological changes as the baby develops in the uterus. Unfortunately, most of these changes create a misaligned spine. These postural and physiological changes include:

  1. Postural adaptation to the baby’s weight caused by the protruding abdomen
  2. Changes in the pelvis
  3. An increase in the curve of the back

During pregnancy, the uterus is off center because it pulls out in front and is not well-balanced in the back. Chiropractic care can definitely help.

In addition to spinal misalignment, the pelvis also becomes misaligned, and a chiropractor can realign the pelvis to create more room for the developing baby. These adjustments reduce undue stress to the supporting ligaments of the uterus. If the pelvis remains misaligned, it can create a condition called intrauterine constraint where the baby becomes crowded in the womb due to lack of room.

An intrauterine constraint can complicate a natural, vaginal birth and can lead to breech positioning of the baby or other complications that require a c-section. When a woman’s pelvis is balanced, the baby has a much better likelihood of moving into the correct position just before birth. This way, the mother and baby avoid being in a crisis of a breech birth or c-section delivery.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy soften a woman’s joint tissues, so they’re much more likely to strain or become injured.


How To Choose A Chiropractic Practitioner During Pregnancy

All chiropractors are trained to work with pregnant women. They may use special tables that adjust for a pregnant woman’s body, and they also use specific adjustment techniques, both of which are designed to avoid unnecessary pressure on the abdomen. The chiropractor will also teach you safe home exercises to stretch and feel better.

If you want a chiropractor with advanced training in the care of pregnant women, look for a chiropractor with International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) certification with any of the following additional credentials:

  1. DACCP – Diplomate with ICPA
  2. CACCP – Certified with the ICPA
  3. Member of ICPA reflecting a particular interest
  4. Webster Certified – trained to work specifically with pelvic balance in pregnancy

Ask the chiropractor about any specialized training he or she has done beyond chiropractic school. You can also contact the ICPA to determine pediatric-trained chiropractors in your area.


Benefits of Chiropractic Therapy During Pregnancy

There are many tremendous benefits for pregnant women who choose chiropractic care during pregnancy, including:

  1. Relieving back, neck or joint pain
  2. Controlling nausea
  3. Reducing labor and delivery time
  4. Possibly preventing a potential cesarean delivery
  5. Maintaining a healthier pregnancy in general


Talk to Your Health Care Provider

Health care providers are much more likely these days to recommend that you see a trained doctor of chiropractic to ease the symptoms you’re feeling during pregnancy. Additionally, more women are seeking out chiropractic care because they understand the incredible benefits that it has to offer throughout the entire pregnancy. Even better, chiropractic care is now included in many health insurance plans.

Chiropractic care is safe and designed to support your body’s natural ability to function. Just remember that our nervous system is the master controller of all other body systems, and this includes the reproductive system. Thus, keeping your spine and pelvis aligned will go a long way toward helping your entire body work more effectively.

It is understandable that you might be hesitant to receive chiropractic care during your pregnancy. Talk to your health care provider and then call us for a free consultation. You can meet the Dr. Apps, and our experienced team will answer all your questions. Take advantage of our Free 15-minute Consultation to meet Dr. Apps and get your questions answered!